Of Man
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The Rules of Life

This project  takes a look our origins from a systems perspective

The very basic rules that resulted in our development and evolution.
A better understanding of life as an organic system
Life is shaped on a quantum mechanical principle - in between states does not exist
Cutting through all the subjective nonsense.

The basic rules are assumed to be:

The consequences of change is unpredictable.
The rule is that rules change.
A system exists because it is functional
A system exists because of the unifying bond of exchange between the have and have not.
A law can only be regarded as absolute if it is valid outside of a given system.
The realm of the living mimics the realm cosmic.

The challenges:

Manís inability to comprehend the passage of time.

Manís inability to comprehend large numbers

Manís inability to understand randomness

Manís inability to understand that things happen for no reason

Manís inability to understand that there is only one life - whether bacteria or human

Manís preoccupation with the term ďspeciesĒ while it is purely to tool to categorize living things on outer appearance and physical development

Man's preoccupation with linking a "cause" to the "effect"

Manís proclivity to rate macroscopic natural selection higher than microscopy variation

Man's increasing ignorance in spite of scientific advances.


The Project Synopsis

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Last modified: 12 June, 2010