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Servaas de Kock

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Koi Articles
Koi Questions
Basic Requirements
creating a collection
improving your collection
further improvement
mating time
chlorine hazard
when things go wrong
winter care
spring time
showing your koi
koi appreciation
koi appreciation
koi appreciation
My Koi Books
List of Books
Living Jewels - The Book
Photo Library
My Versies
Eggo's in die Ruim
Ons Taal
Net 'n bietjie liefde
Oorlog is eensaam
Wie het ons gemaak
Die geloof van mense
Die dinge van mense
Lirieke wat wag
Nog 'n bietjie liefde
Dinge van diere
Greyvenstein Voorblad
Inleiding - Agtergrond
Johann Jacob b2
De Kock Tuiste
a - Servaas ~1680
b2 - Michiel Johannes 1717
b2c1 - Servaas 1743
b2c1d1 - Cornelis
b2c6 - Michiel Johannes 1759
b2c6d8 - Johannes Jacobus 1803
b2c6d8e7 - Jacobus Petrus 1837
b2c6d8e7 - Johannes Jacobus 1867
b2c8 - Joseph 1761
b6 - Servaas 1726
b6c5 - Servaas 1762
b6c5d5 - Servaas 1790
b6c5d11 - Wilhelmus Johannes 1800
b6c5d11e3 - Servaas 1832
DADe3f2 - Jan Albertus Meyburg
DADe3f2g4 - Servaas Bester
DADABg4h1- Jan Albetus Myburgh
DADABg4h2 - Charles Wilhelm Frederick
xb1c4d4 - Desmond
DADABg4h5 - Reginald Harry
DADABg4h5 - Daphne Dorothy
DADABg4h7 - Cynthia Ann
DADABg4h8 - Raoul
DADABg4h9 - Anna
DADABg4h10 - Engela
Daniel Johannes
Bladsy 1-4
DADABg4h3 - Servaas Melt Jacobus
Klas van 1966
Kinderdae 2
Kinderdae 3
Kinderdae 4
Kinderdae 5
My Writing
Of Man, Mice and Magic
Of Man, Mice and Magic - Synopsis
Sanae 14
You Don't...
You Don' 2
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