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Koi is my life. I am not only a breeder of Koi, but I am fascinated by these beautiful creatures of nature. 

The following is some of the articles on the subject of Koi keeping I have written, collected or co-produced over the years. Some answers to FAQ's are also listed.

International travelers of the Koi net beware! You should always be mindful of applying whatever you read to your situation. Local conditions play an important part in the design and functioning of pond ecosystems. And also, some countries have archaic and confusing systems for weights and volumes. Whenever you read of gallons or pounds or worse, drops per pint, beware

(Unless indicated otherwise,  the following was written within a South African context, using the metric system for weights and volume.)

for the novice 

by Servaas de Kock and Ronnie Watt

  1. My first Koi

  2. Some everyday Koi Questions.

  3. The basic needs of Koi

  4. About creating a Koi collection

  5. About improving you Koi collection

  6. Further improvement to your collection

  7. About mating time

  8. The chlorine in your tap water.

  9. About predators around the Koi pond

  10. When things go wrong, go wrong...

  11. Winter care for Koi

  12. What to do in Spring

  13. Show magic

If ever you are looking for an up-to-date list of books on the subject of Koi keeping, try the link below:

---------- CURRENT LIST OF BOOKS ON KOI ---------- 

for the more serious hobbyist

  1. Some everyday weights and measures

  2. Koi health problems

  3. Selecting baby Koi for grow-on.

  4. The beauty of Utsuri.

  5. What is good water quality?

  6. The ethics of Koi breeding

Articles worth reading by others:

Chris on Koi - Chris Neaves talks about the subject he loves most

  1. Some ...

  2. Koi ....

  3. are ..

Just click here for all your Books on Koi


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Last modified: 03 February, 2010