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This is a collection of images with a common theme.  I find it interesting, cool, ironic, funny, shocking, human or plain stupid. The images are freely available on the internet. The things that people do will never seize to amaze me.

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YOU DON'T... want to miss the 2010 World Cup in South Africa - it is much better than this!
Let the games begin

YOU DON'T... want to have to say you're sorry to the public for misbehaving.
funny old chap

YOU DON'T... want climate change.

YOU DON'T... want to wake up with a broken back
failed chair

YOU DON'T... want this guy to be your instructor, do you?
wrong spot

YOU DON'T... want to spoil the girls fun.

YOU DON'T... want to be smothered by motherly love

YOU DON'T... want to be the only girl at the biker's stag party.

YOU DON'T... want to advertise your expertise like that. 

wrong angle

YOU DON'T... want to loose your cell phone in her lap.
 warm hand

YOU DON'T... believe you eye's, no you don't

YOU DON'T...  want to bump into your one-night stand.

new life

YOU DON'T... want to get into an argument with a total stranger.

YOU DON'T...  like cool drinks!

YOU DON'T...  want to be pinched THERE!

sensitive spot

YOU DON'T...  want to be a victim of an earthquake disaster.

{removed in respect of the dead)

YOU DON'T...  want to open your mouth in public

lost face

YOU DON'T...  want to take any old bus in Brazil

(Removed - Some might be offended)

YOU DON'T...  want to live near this active volcano - its hell.



YOU DON'T...  want to miss a single episode of “The Bold & the Beautiful”
strange priorities

YOU DON'T...want to use a computer to do your translations
        - visitors will get the completely wrong idea about Mt Fiji.

failed information

YOU DON'T...want to wear such a stupid hat, Ma!
party hat

YOU DON'T... want to win the Miss Cameltoe pageant, but then again, perhaps you DO!
hot pants

YOU DON'T... want to wake up with a pimple on the nose on Regiment Photo Day
Old war

YOU DON'T... want to do drugs - FULL STOP.
Failed life

YOU DON'T... want to go with the wrong wardrobe to work.

(removed - perhaps a bit offensive for some)

YOU DON'T... want to buy THIS sherry
failed label

YOU DON'T ...want to hear ONE more word out of her mouth

YOU DON'T... want to slip on the cat walk.

YOU DON'T want to miss an opportunity.
Last chance

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