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It started like this. In 1973-1974 I was a member of  the SANAE 14 team that  over-wintered on the South African Antarctic base. I took with me my cameras, lenses and equipment to record my experience.  The black and white negatives and Ektachrome slides were developed at the base under difficult circumstances, but the darkroom was well equipped and I took the rest.  

So I went to the Antarctica, came back, got the Super-8 developed, showed a short slide show for my friends and colleagues, and promptly forgot about it. A lifetime later. 38 years to be more accurate, I discovered that my neurologist, Dr Louis Wessels, has also been there with SANAE 10. That was the impetus to drag everything  from the proverbial attic and started a process of digitizing and selecting that resulted in what you see here. Please enjoy the ride.

Main progress:-

Media Status
Colour slides About 75% processed and loaded
B&W negatives Done and loaded
Super-8 film In process


I am still thinking


I am still thinking

Hit a link to see for yourself.

Members of SANAE 14 and interested parties must please get in touch with me so that stories can be corrected or expanded.

For more information try SANAP the South African National Antarctic Program

You can also contact Dr Dora Scott at the Antarctic Legacy Project of the Center of Invasive Biology to stay with developments in this regard.

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