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A selection of my photographs. The subject matter is mainly Koi. The images are all reduced in size and quality. Picture file references are provided for order purposes. Until I have this thing automated, publishers can request original sized files by email from me.  Original, unadulterated images will be provided. 

Main Categories:-

Koi - Single, high quality fish

Scenes from Japan

Koi - Features


Koi - Groups in pond


Koi Ponds


Koi Ponds - Natural


Koi Shows


Koi Breeding

Water, Sun & Clouds

Koi Farms

Aquarama 2009 - Fish

Koi Masters

Aquarama 2009 - Expo

Western Cape Koi Show 2009

Aquarama 2009 - Farms

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It started like this. In 1973-1974 I was a member of  the SANAE 14 team that  over-wintered on the South African Antarctic base

Main Content:-

Media Status
Colour slides About 75% processed and loaded
B&W negatives Loaded
Super-8 film In process


I am still thinking


I am still thinking

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(Please note all media on this site are Copyright 2007-2010 Servaas de Kock, All rights reserved meaning you have to ask before using it)


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