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Living Jewels 

- Koi Keeping in South Africa

Authors: Ronnie Watt, Servaas de Kock and others.

Koi keeping is perhaps more of a lifestyle than a hobby: it demands dedication beyond the normal routine of feeding and grooming a pet. Koi keepers therefore need to be broadly informed about the science of Koi and Koi keeping. The prerequisite knowledge should, however, never be so daunting as to discourage interest, nor so superficial as to suppress initiative to strive for achievable excellence.


"All the questions relating to the appreciation of Koi and Koi keeping techniques are admirably covered and answered in this book. It is a book which I highly recommend."

Dr Takeo Kuroki: Honorary Chairman: Zen Nippon Airinkai


"I hope the book will help spread the message that Koi are not the sole property of any one nation, but rather, an inheritance in which all the world can claim a part. I extend my heartiest congratulations to everyone who has made a contribution towards this worthy book."

Natsuji Anabuki: Chairman: Zen Nippon Airinkai


"... this excellent reference source for any Koi lover. Having read the book, you the reader, like myself, will have to acknowledge the contribution which the authors make towards improved Koi-keeping knowledge and techniques. The hobby of Koi keeping is at the same time an art form and a science. This book furthers both causes."

Dr Mao-Lin Tsai: Honorary Chairman: Nishikigoi Keepers Society of Taiwan, ROC


The book on Koi keeping includes:

    The history of Koi -from the Far East to the Far South

    Koi biology

    The Fifteen Varieties

    Showing Koi

    The Koi pond (water environment, pond and filter design and construction, landscaping)

    Creating and managing a Koi collection

    Feeding and health care

    This hardcover book, which has been acclaimed in the Far East as the best manual on Koi keeping in the West, comprises 160 Pages with full colour and black & white illustrations.

    Trade inquiries welcome

The SECOND printing of this popular Koi book is now available in softcover..... 

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Last modified: 31 August, 2009