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Welcome to my personal patch on the Web. 

Here I share my interests in life with whoever cares to know.  Some in Afrikaans, some in English.

Please hang around and if you wish to comment, send me mail to any of the contact addresses below.

I care for ...

all things living or dead.

an understanding of the processes underlying the origins and development of life on earth.

Afrikaans, my moedertaal, with which I was blessed.

a society in which everyone has an opportunity to develop to his full potential.

the underdog...

good music, nice music and real music: the Beatles, Queen, Bon Jovi, Radio Head, Koos Kombuis, Dire Straits, Leonard  Cohen and many, many others.

die genealogie van die De Kock, Greyvenstein en Du Plessis families

the beauty of Koi


I support ...

SANCCOB -- Seabird rescue, Cape Town

AASA -- Aquaculture Association of Southern Africa

SAKKS -- South African Koi Keeper Society

BobGem -- Bo-Boesmans River Community Fund

CAPENSIS -- WC Branch of Genealogical Society if SA

SCEPTIC SA -- Doubt before belief - Question before conviction.

Antarctic Legacy Project -- Collect the history of Antarctica



My bio...

Well... I think my photo's should tell the story well enough.


Most recent "thoughts of the day"...

- You don’t put sugar in your whiskey, do you?

- One should never underestimate the power of vested interest.

- The difference is what people will do for you, and what they will do for your money. 11/8/2009.

- An ape without a tail is a dodo.

- Tell children what to do, not only when it has impact on your life.

- "Childishness" never disappears, it just becomes more difficult to hide with age - to get your way.

- "If your ship doesn't come in, swim out to it." -- Jonathan Winters, American comedian, born 11/11/1925

- As sy gatvere begin wys, word die oumense bang.
 (The parents worry when their teenage daughter becomes of age. )

- The female of the human species  have been genetically selected to accept their fate in the interest of their offspring.

Cruelty is only limited by the mind.

- Hoe meer kennis die wetenskap bring, hoe meer wetenskaplik word die onkunde.
    (The more knowledge from science, the more scientific the ignorance)

- Jy het nie bestaansreg nie. – jy bestaan omdat jou stelsels reg werk en omdat jy baie gelukkig is.
 (You do not have any right to existence – you exist purely because your systems work and have been lucky thus far. )

- Nothing optimises like optimism

- Discretion is an attribute of few modern women or men - and they go into high paid jobs: politics, judiciary,
big business, etc. or simply suffer in silence.

- If you know your job, you work in parallel;
If you don't know what to do, you work in series.

- The most important attribute of Life is to overcome its own disintegration.

- You cannot always revisit an error.

- Doubt before belief - Question before conviction.

- You cannot know the way you have not walked.

- There is no such thing as justice, only justification.

- You cannot touch the heart of a man to make him succeed in a situation where others will fail. He has it within him. (SADF Special Forces Training officer on TV 30/1/99)

- "Ons kan saam sing, maar ons kan nie saam praat nie." Joseph Skosana, 2009
 ("We can sing together, but we cannot talk together")


Still valid Thoughts of yesterday  

Contact Information

My name is Servaas de Kock - owner of this site.

I live in De Kelders where the whales noisily frolic, play, give birth, suckle their young and procreate for six months of the year. 34º 33.61'S 19° 21.13'E if you Google Earth

Gans Bay is where we buy our groceries, collect mail and entertain the Great White shark for visitors. We are on the other side of  Walker Bay than  Hermanus.

Use any of the modes of communication below to reach me. 

My email feedback form - the easy and safe way (if it works)
Postal address

PO Box 1643, Gans Bay, 7220 South Africa,

Electronic mail
Email me at mail at servaas dot co dot za or use the feedback form.

For all the politicians who so deftly ignore everyone that voted for them:

You can shine your shoes and wear a suit 

you can comb you hair and look quite cute

you can hide you face behind a smile

But one thing you can't hide

        is when you're cripple inside.


John Lennon, President and Pope of the World, 1940 -1980


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Last modified: 26 October, 2011